Bring your TikTok to life with your Discord community

FreshTok allows you to set up automatic notifications to let your Discord community know when you've posted a fresh, new TikTok.

Heretics Black uploaded a new TikTok video!

Today at 01:57 PM

K I R Λ F I N uploaded a new TikTok video!

Today at 01:52 PM

The most reliable Discord bot for TikTok Notifications

Control how members see your video

Watching videos off-site won’t count as a view on TikTok.

Disabling video previews will allow your community to know when you upload a new TikTok without compromising views.

Resanu uploaded a new TikTok!

Today at 01:51 PM

Jason Banks uploaded a new TikTok!

Today at 01:49 PM

Theanh28 Entertainment uploaded a new TikTok!

Today at 01:49 PM

Lookup creators with a quick command

Quickly look up any TikTok creator and see how well they’re preforming.

See basic information about a creators profile and get their growth statistics from Social Blade.

Users with less than 7 days of stats on Social Blade will not show stats.

Khabane lame







Social Blade Stats

Creator statistics at a glance

Seeing how many followers a creator has, has never been easier.

Bind the statistics of a creator you're subscribed too to a voice channel of choice.

Works with followers, videos and likes.

Likes: 0

Followers: 162M

Videos: 1056

Discovering who's on top

Get to know the TikTok app better by discovering who the top creators are.

Being able to filter by followers, videos or likes you can quickly see who holds the top 500 spots.

Most Followed on TikTok













Followers |Likes|Uploads






Livestream Notifications Disabled

Due to a bug at TikTok, Livestream Notifications haven't been working. TikTok has acknowledged the issue; until they fix it, notifications for livestreams are nonexistent.

Let your members know when you’re live

Subscribe with live stream notifications enabled to notify your members when you’ve gone live on TikTok.

Resanu is currently live on TikTok!

Jason Banks is currently live on TikTok!

Theanh28 Entertainment is currently live on TikTok!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you setup FreshTok?

FreshTok is simple to set up!

Firstly, I would recommend setting up a default channel with /channel so you don't have to specify a channel when you subscribe but it's not required.

Then just use /subscribe with the creators TikTok username and you should be good to go!

How often does FreshTok check for new videos?

FreshTok currently looks for new videos every 5 minutes.

Sometimes TikTok flags videos for review when they're posted. If your video gets flagged for review remember that means your video is Private until they approve it so FreshTok can not see it yet.

How does FreshTok get information from TikTok?

FreshTok is an approved app on the TikTok for developers portal. Our creator dashboard uses TikTok's Login Kit API which allows creators to securely connect their accounts to prove ownership. Connecting your account does not give us access to private videos in any way. Alongside Login Kit we use their Video List API to show videos and determine if they're new or not. For creators that haven't logged in, we use a different invite-only API to pull videos from TikTok.